Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough?

‘Is One Life Enough? that is an interesting question to all of us. Nowadays there is many people that play games that involve playing and talking with others. They are able to 1762.jpgspend hours in a virtual world. Some people spending so much time, as they are addicted to games but some people I think are spending hours in the virtual world as its there second life and they prefer to spend time in there because they can be anyone in there, do stuff that you can not do in a real life. And they feel more configurable in that world than in the real world.

But there is also a positive side of the virtual world. As you can communicate with other people in a fun way by avatars, you can also do classes, as we do in ‘Second Life’ virtual classes.42614851_279019962938925_6585717665581498368_n.jpg You can learn from sitting and home and have fun in a different way than usual. Change with studying is a good idea, as people are more interesting if there are different ways of studying, they can focus more.

(First Post)

Second Lifeis an interesting online virtual world, where you create your own avatars. It can be normal, fantasies or magical avatars. The avatar I choose is a ‘Zombie’.↓ The username I picked Murier001. At the beginning I picked the ‘Angel’ avatar, that is why I picked Murier as a name as its a name of the angel of peace and harmony. But when I got into the game I found ‘Zombie’ avatar and I found it funny to walk like a death to clubs, museums and attend classes.  You can change clothes, shapes of the avatar as you like.


You can communicate there by talking or by writing to each other. You can visit many different places, such as disco bars, beaches, art museum and many more. You can communicate in groups too by making a group and add people to it and you can talk, explore and also have classes together. We can do a lot of things that we can do in a real life, such as buying clothes, gadgets, lands and build also. You can also join your friends and invite them to different places. You can also do things that I real life are impossible, such as flying even tho that you are a zombie :D. Teleport to different places/locations.

The  places I visit in ‘Second Life’ last week are :

  • Japan Hiroba- the first place I had visit is Japan. It is well detail done the place where you can shop around, play games and drive a car, even if it is not yours. There is also a garden, where is chicken and a bbq. There is also a meditation center. a bar where you can have a drink or a beer with friends. In Japan, there is a lot of places where you can visit and do a lot of different stuff. 
    Zrzut ekranu 2018-10-03 o 17.13.10.png
  • Moscow Island- It is the next place I had visited. It is interesting well done the small place where you can play lots of different games, with other peoples or with yourself, There are games like sudoku, xs, and os, some board games. You can also go shopping at a shopping center. The place is located in Moscwa in Russia and they speaking there is Russia and there is also Russia’s music. It is a nice place to visit with a friend and play a few games with them. This portrayal of Russia’s capital exhibits the recorded focal point of the city and incorporates acclaimed tourist spots like St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, Lenin’s tomb, the GUM retail chain, and other conspicuous milestones around Red SquareZrzut ekranu 2018-10-03 o 17.01.09.png

Making contact with others users

(Second  Post)img-avatars-new.png

The first person I talk to is a guy named Ruzgar he is from Turkey and he joined ‘Second Life’ for chat and fun.  He joins it 3 years ago. He is 25 years old. He is finding the game interesting and fun. He is making virtual friends here that he chat every day and visiting and playing games online.  He is also learning English this way a bit, chatting with others. He is coming here when he is bored and has nothing to do so he can chat with random people.  He does not think that is a game, he said it is a virtual reality not a game for him. Are there good things about virtual reality? ‘Yeah, there is few thinks about this game but also bad things. Good things like you can meet people with similar interests, if you are creative you can build different stuff your own way and can make your own Island. You can learn a different language and the shortcuts that are used by gamers. But the bad things are there are lots of fake accounts, that is why you need to be careful who you talk to. It addicting and very time-consuming. When there are too many people in the area it is very slow and you can not do anything.

The second avatar I chat to is a girl named Yasemin Rexen he is also from Turkey and I meet her in the ‘Turkey Island’. She is 36 years old.  She is hanging out with friends and explore different places.  She thinks that ‘Second Life’ has good visual thing very detailed and good music that every day is different.  She finds the game on an internet adds, years ago and she decided to try it and make new friends. She usually spending time in “Turkey Island’ when she wants to chat with Turkey people but she also has lots of friends in different places like ‘Latin’. The avatar she had was a mix of different avatars that she bought over years. She was some scary guy as its Halloween soon.

The last avatar I chat to is named Tonto195 and he participated in ‘Second Life’ for 10 years now.  He still enters the world rarely just to visit with a couple of long-term companions from around the world. A few people share their real characters, and some don’t.  He is a new person here too like me and he is exploring different stuff he can do here. I meet him in ‘Holloween Rock ‘n’ Shock’.  He said that ‘Second Life’ less a game than an experiment in making yourself – and if you like, rented “land” – into whatever you like and then sharing the same with others.  You are free to choose your avatar’s gender, customize your appearance through custom versions of pretty much any body part or clothing.  You can select styles of moving (walking/dancing etc) largely taken from high-quality motion capture.  In short, you can make yourself look like nearly anything you want.

Elevator Pitch


What is the Elevator Pitch?

 Elevator Pitch is a discussion, or an icebreaker, that will lead into a more profound discourse about the usefulness, and claim to fame, of what you and your organization can offer.

By and by you ordinarily have only 60 seconds to leave an energizing, impactful and significant impression with whomever you interact with. So make the most of them.

There are a few important points about Elevation Pitch. The most important steps are:

  • Make them care
  • Make it easy to join
  • Leave them wanting more
  • Have a call to action
  • Be natural
  • Test yourself

How you starting off?

In elevation Pitch, you should answer:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you need?

My Pitch Screenshot 2018-11-30 at 02.19.13.png

” Before I introduce myself I want to share with you one of my favorite words MERAKI it’s a Greek word that means putting your heart and soul into what you do.  My name is Sandra I’m an Interior Designer Student in DIT in the third year. Where I’m passionate about creating beautiful, learning how to make the space more comfortable like a home.  Before that, I did my PLC diploma at Moath Business College, where I finished a year of Fine art. Where I learn to be more creative. Meraki everything I do I give everything I have completed I’m very passionate at the projects, I want to develop my skills more and create a warm home feeling space for everyone.”
Picture 1:  Date Certain: Gwen, Elevation Pitch February 20, 2014
Picture 2: Meraki

T – Together

E – Everyone

A – Achieves

M – More

( Fourth Post)

 The group I am in is named Yellow. There are six members in the group:

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 17.28.08.png

  1. Muriel001 (me)
  2. JonathanBK
  3. Whimseyy
  4. meevebrienny
  5. JeromeZZC
  6. Cmragas

We tried with Whimsy to contact other members, but no one answered to the message on a facebook class group, that Whemsyy wrote.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 17.33.26.png

So we decide to meet in ‘Second Life’ and explore and show each other places we been to and we like it. 

First, we went to Japan Hiroba ( And I show her around what I explore before. We were driving a car, trying to play bowling, but we did not know how. We were just walking around and looking if there is something that we can do together.Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 15.39.13.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 15.36.59.png


Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 15.47.16.png

Then we went to Whimsyy place where she been before. Winder Wonderland,  it’s beautiful up there everything covered in snow we were on a small trip around it.  We were looking at the snowman, we went to houses to sit and chat. We were trying what can you do there, for example, we tried to open presents but didn’t work.

The Winder Wonderland I think it is a magical beautiful snow land where you can ski and there is also a snowball fight arena.

The next place we visit was Moscow. Where we were playing board games and looking around for different attractions and different games. We were trying to figure out how to play a few things and we did it we played and enjoyed it. Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 16.00.15.png

The last place we visited was Paradise. It was really interesting to experience and funny as we were dancing in a group dance.Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 16.03.45.png

I was also flying on a big swing. That didn’t know where will take me and suddenly I end up in different place that I don’t know how I got there and I invited Whimsyy to join me and we were able to meditate, pet a dog, swan  and when we went to a house we could sit down on a sofa and relax. I also had a bath.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 18.09.14.png

The process of Group Work

(Fifth Post)

The group project is going a bit slow.  We decide to make a group chat on Messanger and meet up in the Second Life. We all meet in Second life in our classroom. We were discussing and brainstorming our understanding of brief. Each of us tries to explain how we understand the brief. Whimsyy explains her understanding of the brief because the rest of us did not really understand clearly the brief. She explains to us the brief. She said that the way she understands the brief is that we need to think about how we want to become in the future and how we will be able to help the environment and how our carrier is bad for our environment. Each of us start to say a bit about our self and what are we studying and who we want to become in the future.

Jerome is in the 3rd year and he wants to be a Graphic Designer in China where he from. He does not understand English that well, so we explain him on the meeting easier and I also message him privately asking if he understands everything and explains him again.

Maeve is in 2nd year and she would like to become Interior Designer, she would like to open her own business in New York, but work in Ireland first and collect and develop the skills that she will need to open her own business.

Grace, she is also in 2nd year and she wants to become Interior Designer. She would like to work abourd. Traver around as an Interior Designer. Her plan is also to stay in Ireland for a few years to develop skills and learn from other companies how to run a business.

Jenna wants to become Interior Designer just like myself. Her plan for the future is to stay in Ireland, open her own business and also have a business that going to be online. In that way, she will be able to work with people from different countries, and far away towns. She would be able to have contact with them all the time when they will need her help.

When I will finish college, I would like to work for a few years in Ireland. Study from other companies and develop my skill as a business person. As my teacher told us once ‘learn on other business mistakes’. I think that is a really good idea as you can learn what did not work out and found a way to fix it and develop it better and than open your own business. I would like to open my own business outside of Ireland for example in Malta and also have an online business, that I would be able to contact my clients from all over the world. Just like my ma and designer that is designing our apartment in Poland. The designer is contacting and sending us all the plans of her design and talk on Skype with my ma to explain to her how she sees the design.

At the end of the class Whimsy decided to create a slideshow and share with all of us where we can but our work in and she others work and see how is the development of our presentation.

We were trying to contact with one of the members of our group that did not show up on our meeting. After a while of emailing him, he finally replays to me and I explain to him what are we doing and shared the slideshow with him. he does not have a messenger, so it a bit harder to meet up as a whole group but I said to him that I will email him when we will meet up and what time.

Screenshot 2018-11-15 at 21.21.30.png

Screenshot form google slideshow

Online Identity

(Sixth blog)

The main ways to build your online identity are :

1. Finish Your Social Profiles

It’s a basic yet fundamental tip: If your profiles aren’t finished, they’re not as compelling as they could be. Every interpersonal organization gives an alternate chance to flaunt your identity and your achievements, which are both imperative for experts. To set up a convincing nearness on the online networking stages you utilize, make a point to use the benefits of each.

This is what to watch out for on the main three informal communities:

Facebook: People regularly disregard Facebook’s “About” segment, which is the place Facebook-Like-logo.pngyou can share data about what you get a kick out of the chance to do, your identity, and other fun realities about yourself, similar to your most loved motion pictures, statements, or books.

Twitter: Twitter permits clients a quick and painless bio, giving you 160 characters to express the quintessence of you. In any case, that character restraint doesn’t need to be the finish of the story; an Unknown.pngincredible aspect concerning Twitter is it permits live connections in your profile so you can include important hashtags and a connection to your blog or portfolio.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn offers the most inside and out a profile for experts. Round out each area as completely as could 1200px-Linkedin.svg.pngreasonably be expected, and keep in mind to incorporate honors, humanitarian effort, scholastic achievements, interests, abilities, and, obviously, work involvement.



2. Incorporate Links to Your Work Samples

To manufacture proficient believability, it’s insufficient to just rundown out your activity obligations on your web-based social networking stages. A more compelling methodology is to exhibit your capacities and achievements by including connects to work tests.

LinkedIn makes it simple for experts to exhibit their work by giving the choice to connect work tests to your profile. At whatever point you include another activity title, you have the chance to transfer media, for example, records, photographs, connections, recordings, or introductions.

Similarly, as you would on the off chance that you were building a paper portfolio, just incorporate connects to your most noteworthy work. I additionally suggest transferring an assortment of tests so you can show the expansiveness of your abilities and achievements.

3. Utilize LinkedIn’s Recommendations

One of LinkedIn’s most neglected highlights is proposals, remarks composed by different individuals to perceive an associate, colleague, or understudy. As a LinkedIn part, you can ask for suggestions from your companions, and you can likewise underwrite other individuals.

These audits in a split second add believability to your portfolio. Potential bosses may take a gander at your suggestions to decide how others see you, and customers or representatives may utilize them as an approach to assess you before consenting to work with you.

4. Add Social Links to Your Email Signatures

Unknown-1.pngIn excess of 100 billion messages are sent and gotten each day. Regardless of whether you’re sending an email to apply for a vocation, check in with a customer, or make proper acquaintance with a kindred worker, your email mark can be an amazing apparatus for advancing your social profiles.

In your signoff, give a connection to every one of your interpersonal organizations, and don’t be reluctant to have some good times with it.

5. Be Engaging

intervenção-20140619-140700.jpgYou’ve most likely heard this tip on numerous occasions, yet following and connecting with individuals via web-based networking media can be what isolates you from the majority.

I would prefer not to age myself, yet when I was growing up, the web wasn’t around to help work searchers in doing research about organizations and their representatives. Interviewees would take in the insights about the organization’s main goal and the expected set of responsibilities amid the meeting.

Consider interpersonal organizations the present form of the instructive meeting. Each informal organization offers an alternate method to associate with influencers, for instance, by utilizing hashtags, taking an interest in Twitter or Facebook talks, distributing, remarking, and then some. As you grow and communicate with your system, you’ll increase significant data about your industry, and as a reward, you’ll likely observe an expansion in the rush hour gridlock to your profiles.


‘Success is where preparation and opportunity meet’

By Bobby Unser 

(Blog Seventh)

What is group work?

Is a group of people that share their knowledge, skills together and help to develop other skills. When a group of people works together cohesively, towards a common goal, creating a positive working atmosphere, and supporting each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance.

How to improve a teamwork?

  1. Clear common purpose, goals, and identity
  2. Respect and tolerance for the differences in every team member
  3. Balanced communications among all team member.
  4. Build trust with everyone on the team
  5. Don’t let little things become big things
  6. Live with imperfection and the unknown
  7. Effective leaders throughout the team, not just the ones heading the team
  8. 57284bc517595c41fb6e49e771970052--so-funny-funny-shit

As we create a powerpoint presentation where everyone from the group could write their parts in and what will they say in the presentation made for each person easier to understand and communicate better as we all could what everyone has to tell. I also add my part of the presentation in. With picture and few points on each section of my part of the presentation.

We finally had a group chat meeting where we were all talking briefly about what we found out during the reasorch for a group presentation. The meeting was short but I think successful, as we better understood our parts in the group and how to develop our points better.

Fig. Together

Any progress in the group work?

During this week we did not meet up, but we were all the time communicating with each other when we want any help through messenger and we arrange a meeting to catch up and see how everything is going. We arrange a meeting for next week before SL class. To make sure if to ask anything in the class if we would have any problems. 

What we were talking in class this week?

The conversation we had this week in class was about the Privacy.

But what privacy is? 

Privacy is the capacity of an individual or gathering to confine themselves or data about themselves, and in this way convey what needs be specifically. The limits and substance of 7hjdwhat is viewed as private contrast among societies and people, yet share regular subjects.

 Mostly about privacy that we have on social media. We were giving an opinion about what we think about privacy and that we should not do on social media. Some people do not know what not to put on facebook and that could benefit them in later on life. In my opinion, if anyone of friends wants to post a picture of yourself on Facebook or different social media, should think first if that picture is proper to post in n social media were everyone can see it and they also should ask first for the permission of the person that they posting picture off, as some people could be easily offended easily with pictures.

Fig. Privacy

‘Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.’

By Marva Collins

(Blog nine)

This week (29th of November 2018) before SL we organize a meeting with my group to find out how we do with the process of our presentation. Everything went really well and everyone attended the meeting.

We start asking how we do with our parts, do we have any problems, or want to ask any questions about the presentation. Next, we all were telling each other our parts and what we have written down on our slideshows. Turns out that everyone did well and we had a lot of different points. Everyone has seen happy with the achievement of the meeting. During as each of us was talking about their parts we had a slid show open to see the pictures and notes of each other. Myself had an idea about doing a presentation in some organic place as the project we talking how to save the environment and I thought that would be an interesting idea. We asked everyone if they had any different ideas that we could use in our presentation. At the moment we have about two/three slides each and we want to clean it up when we will meet up next time. 

During the SL class, Whimsyy asked John how to put pictures and videos into the SL to present our work to the class. And she also asked him about the different place of the presentation and John said that we need to be careful, as not in all places the microphone is working and we need to find a place where we all will hear each other well.  To import anything into the SL we need a money, which John gave to us. Before everything, we had to join the module group, as without it we wouldn’t be able to import the pictures or build anything. That helped us a lot to prepare a better presentation. 

As in the group, we decided to meet up on Wednesday to run over again our presentation and see what we need to change and what we should add to have a better presentation. In my opinion, the preparation for the group presentation is going now well, and I am happy with the process we have now. 1yKG.gif

Fig. Teamwork

Mistakes are proof that we are trying 

(Last post)

In the last class, all the groups present their final presentations. The Yellow group (mine group) was the last group to present. It did not go as we were planning to go. We decide as a group that we going to present our final presentation in a different location than other groups. Before we did a good research and check out different locations and this one seen the best one from all but we did not that we need a promission from the owner of the location to invite people over. As whole the class went to a location that we send it to the group chat on SL. The owner was not too happy about our visit. She was really angry about the situation, as she thought that is a griefing attack (A griefer is a name for a Second Life Resident who harasses other residents.). Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 19.27.09.pngWe picked this location because it had interesting upcycling ideas, as we were talking about making something new from old stuff. Such as this piano  arrows.png

When we were back to class some students got lost during the transportation as there was a lot of people. John explains to us why she was so aggressive and that we made a mistake that we did not ask for permission to teleport there in such a big group.Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 22.53.23.png We present the rest of our presentation. We send a link to our slideshow presentation where we had pictures of examples of what we were talking about. As visuals help catch and hold your audience’s attention. Visuals also help your audience quickly understand your material. As Fred R. Barnard said once ‘A picture is worth 10,000 words.’ Myself got a bit stress out after what happened and it took longer than we thought of the presentation. I also had a short 2min video about nature and people that I showed in class.  All the member went and talk about who we want to be in the future and how we can help the environment and how the job can cause problems in the environment because of our jobs. Even tho that there was three of us that want to become an interior designer we still were talking about if different. We all had our views on the job.  

I think we did had a lot of information and we tried our best. We did mistake that we did not ask about the promission, but we all learning every day something new. simpson-doh_8ce52da14a41e9a6edd7b24ef3373feb.jpgWe doing mistakes but it shows that we are trying different stuff that we never try before. And we should not get unmotivated or sad about what happened that we did a mistake. We are all humans and we were a good example that we need to first ask promission to do a presentation in SL in a different place than a class.  



Presentation with notes on  the bottom: (My slides 3 and 4) 

Location in SL:

Video link:






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